Key cartel witness found dead before drug agents could fly him to U.S.

Carlos Almada Castrillo, head of Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación operations in Mexico's second-largest city, could have been a key witness for U.S. prosecutors as they work to topple the global drug empire. But he was found hanging in a Mexican jail cell in March. Investigators and experts tracking drug cartel developments say the 27-year-old's death is likely a murder disguised as a suicide to prevent him from testifying in the U.S., both a senior official with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin

The strange story of Mexico's presidential plane lottery

(CNN) Sixteen immaculately dressed children walked onstage Tuesday in Mexico's National Lottery building, a few yelling the day's winning numbers in a distinct staccato. The Shouting Children of the National Lottery are a tradition in Mexico. But this was a lottery like nothing the country has ever seen -- the short story behind it involves nearly a decade's worth of allegations of corruption, a $218 million plane, a politician who tries and fails to sell that plane, and of course...

Noticias coronavirus 26 de agosto: México reporta más de 5.200 nuevos casos de covid-19

México registró 5.267 nuevos casos de covid-19 y 626 muertes relacionadas con el virus el miércoles. Esto eleva el total del país a 573.888 casos y 62.076 muertes. México ha reportado el tercer número más alto de muertes por coronavirus, solo detrás de Estados Unidos y Brasil, según la Universidad Johns Hopkins. Dentro de América Latina, México ha tenido el tercer número más alto de casos totales, después de Brasil y Perú.

More than 1,300 healthcare workers have died from Covid-19 in Mexico

More than 1,300 healthcare workers have died from coronavirus in Mexico since the start of the pandemic, the country's Health Ministry reported on Tuesday. The ministry also reported 4,916 new Covid-19 cases Tuesday, bringing the total number confirmed in the country to 568,621. A further 650 fatalities were also confirmed, taking the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country to 61,450, including 1,320 healthcare workers.

A solução do México para a crise educacional com a Covid-19: aulas pela TV

O passo natural após o café é uma corrida louca para a escola, que fica a algumas quadras de distância. A versão 2020 do ano escolar, que no hemisfério norte se inicia em agosto, terminará sendo apenas dez passos de distância, em direção à sala de estar do apartamento, na vizinhança de Moctezuma, na Cidade do México. O aprendizado remoto é difícil mesmo em países desenvolvidos. Mas em lugares como o México, ter aulas de inglês ou de matemática online não é tão fácil assim – apenas 56% das resid

La solución de México a la crisis educativa por el covid-19: llevar la escuela a la televisión

Ciudad de México (CNN) –– La familia Jiménez tiene una rutina matutina bien definida. O al menos así era antes. Levantarse temprano, ducharse y sentarse a la mesa para un desayuno rápido de pan con mermelada, algunas galletas y café o té para los adultos. “Extraño esto, la rutina de despertarme, siempre apurada”, dijo Mariana Yoko Jiménez Arzate, mamá residente y directora de esta orquesta de madrugada, quien sabe que este año será diferente.

Mexico reports more than 3,500 new coronavirus cases

Mexico’s health ministry has reported 3,541 new coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the total number in the country to 563,705. The ministry also reported 320 new fatalities, taking the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country to 60,800. It comes as the US ambassador to Mexico warned against nonessential travel on the US-Mexico border. Nonessential travel between the US and its two closest neighbors — Canada and Mexico — has been blocked amid spikes in confirmed coronavirus cases in the US. Ambassador Christopher Landau said on Twitter Monday there were significant delays at some border crossings at the weekend for those attempting to enter the US from Mexico.

Mexico reports nearly 6,000 new coronavirus cases

Mexico recorded 5,928 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, taking the total number of infections in the country to 549,734. The Mexico health ministry also reported 504 new coronavirus-related deaths -- taking its total death toll to 59,610. Some context: Mexico has the third-highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world, behind only the US and Brazil, according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU). In terms of coronavirus cases, Mexico is ranked third in Latin America, behind Brazil and Peru, according to JHU.

Mexico's solution to the Covid-19 educational crisis: Put school on TV

Mexico City (CNN) The Jiménez family have their morning routine down to a science. Or at least, they used to. Get up early, shower, and sit at the table for a quick desayuno of bread with jam, some cookies, and either coffee or tea for the grownups. "I miss this, the waking up routine, always in a rush," said Mariana Yoko Jiménez Arzate, resident mom and conductor of this early morning orchestra, knowing that this year will be different. The normal post-breakfast step is a mad dash to school a few blocks away. But the 2020 version of that dash will end just 10 feet away, in the living room of the apartment in Mexico City's Moctezuma neighborhood. That's where both Jiménez kids will do most of their learning this semester -- by watching TV. "It's good we're still having class," said Mariana's 12-year-old daughter Giselle. "But I'm sad because I was going to start high school and meet new people."

Más de 60.000 personas han muerto por coronavirus en México

Por Karol Suárez En La Ciudad De México México registró 6.482 nuevos casos de covid-19 el sábado, lo que incrementa el número total de casos en el país a 556.216. El Ministerio de Salud también informó 644 nuevas muertes, lo que eleva el total del país a 60.254. México tiene el tercer número más alto de muertes en el mundo por covid-19, solo detrás de Estados Unidos y Brasil, según la Universidad Johns Hopkins (JHU, por sus siglas en inglés). México ocupa el tercer lugar en América Latina según la JHU en términos de su número total de casos de coronavirus, detrás de Brasil y Perú.

Mexico reports more than 5,700 new Covid-19 cases

Mexico recorded 5,792 new cases of Covid-19 and 707 new deaths on Wednesday, according to the Health Ministry. The total number of confirmed infections in the country now stands at 537,031, with 58,481 deaths. Mexico has reported the third-highest number of deaths in the world from coronavirus, following the United States and Brazil, according to Johns Hopkins University. Only Brazil and Peru have recorded more Covid-19 cases than Mexico in Latin America, according to JHU.

Mexico and Argentina to produce up to 250 million doses of potential Covid-19 vaccine

Mexico and Argentina will produce “between 150 and 250 million doses” of a coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced on Twitter on Wednesday. Ebrard said financing for the drug's production will be provided by the Carlos Slim Foundation, a Mexico-based nonprofit founded by billionaire Carlos Slim. “Presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Argentina's Alberto Fernández have promoted this agreement. We thank AstraZeneca for the dedication and interest in producing a vaccine for Latin America and the Caribbean,” Ebrard said. “Big and great news for Mexico.” Further details will be announced on Thursday, Ebrard added. Race to find a vaccine: There are 28 coronavirus vaccines in human trials around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Six pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, have reached deals with the US government to develop a Covid-19 vaccine as part of a federal push to curb the pandemic. The US Food and Drug Administration has previously said it would only approve a vaccine if it meets a 50% efficacy requirement. Russia raised eyebrows on Tuesday when it announced the world's first approved coronavirus vaccine for public use.
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